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(435) 668-5180
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Coronavirus and Technial Support

Due to the current outbreak, many clients (business and residential) are concerned, and prefer to limit their public exposure to a minimum. We, at Comtec, want to support these efforts and keep everyone safe,  by featuring our Remote Support Service.

We all know, technical issues do not occur on a schedule. When they happen, they need to be taken care of.  Often, its not necessary, to take a computer to a repair shop or schedule an onsite appointment with a technician.  Many computer and network related issues can be addressed remotely, either by phone or via remote session.  A special app enables the technician to perform the work remotely, just as he would perform these tasks right in front of your system. Those tasks include system checks and cleanups, software installation, configuration and updates, as well as other fixes and tweaks. Remote sessions are also great for 1-on-1 Training, or for assistance and guidance with using the internet properly and safely.

Remote Support is convenient, fast, cost efficient and safe, especially, when performed by a trusted local technician.

Please give us a call, for a free consultation, to see, if a remote session is right for you.

Please be assured of our concern as we look after everyones safety by providing continued excellent tech support, remotely and in person.

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